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Meet A Volunteer- Jordyn!

Volunteers are amazing. We wouldn’t be able to run our program without them! Here is a brief get-to-know one of our amazing volunteers who has been with us since day one!

1. Home city? Grapevine, Arkansas 2. Favorite candy? Hmm, that’s a hard one between Reese’s and Peanut M&Ms! 3. Favorite holiday? Christmas. I love celebrating the birth of our savior with my family and friends. The feeling of Christmas is no doubt the best... I wish it was Christmas time all the time! 4. Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Edward hands down!! 😍 5. Favorite food? Chicken, cooked any way! 6. Spirit animal? A horse, definitely 😊 7. What did you want to grow up to be when you were little? For a long time I wanted to be a neonatal nurse. 8. What are your career plans now that you’re grown up? To become an occupational therapist, specifically working with kids. 9. What is your favorite thing about being involved in hippotherapy? I love working with kids and seeing their faces light up when they get to work with horses as their rehab partners and achieve their goals. It makes my heart smile! 10. One thing you want people to know about you? One of my favorite things to do is spend time with the ones I love. My biggest goal in life right now is to get into OT school, graduate, and start a family of my own one day. Family is one of life’s most precious gifts and I’m beyond grateful for mine.

Jordyn is such a gift and such a positive influence! If you would like to be involved in this amazing program, follow HorsePlay Therapy, call, or message for details!

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