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HorsePlay would not exist without a herd of specially trained horses. These amazing animals are not only our kids’ therapists, but are well-loved friends. Most people are unaware of how difficult finding the perfect therapy horse is. These unicorns must be easy going, kind, friendly, and enjoy multiple people working with them at the same time. They must be patient and sound enough to participate in lessons.  Our horses are the heart of HorsePlay. Their health and wellness is paramount.


Over the course of one year, the cost of feed, bedding, shoes, veterinary care, and other expenses for one horse requires thousands of dollars. In order to provide high quality horse care, while keeping the cost of therapy sessions as low as possible, sponsorship and donations are an absolute necessity. Any donation amount makes a significant difference in helping to offset the program’s primary expense, and it is tax deductible.


Sponsors will receive updates on their horse, a framed photo of their horse along with a certificate of appreciation, and will have the option to be displayed on the horse's stall and in social media.

Meet Our Horses
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Meet Our Horses!!


Snickers is our smallest horse, but definitely has a HUGE personality. His short, choppy steps improve our kids' body awareness and overall registration. Snickers' smaller size is perfect for teaching horse safety, grooming, and building confidence.



Oz is a goof ball when he's off the clock, but all business when it's time for therapy! Over steps and around poles, he is ready for any obstacle. Exercises like these make our kids stronger and more confident.  His wide, powerful frame also gives these kids a great core workout!



Thunder is a hard working, dedicated, big ol' teddy bear.  Whenever he sees his kids from across the barn, he calls out to them as if saying "Pick me, pick me!" Thunder is big and strong, perfect for older and/or more unbalanced riders.  All of the kids love when they get to be on Big Thunder.



James was an old, gentle soul when we first met.  A retired jumper, he was always sweet and genuinely enjoyed his new line of work with HorsePlay.  We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication he brought as one of our founding horses, and we miss him dearly!

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Storm is a retired Polo horse who loves to trail ride, but loves to work with our therapy kids even more.  Storm is very sensitive to emotions. He literally mirrors when kids are anxious or unsettled, allowing the therapist to gauge and alter sessions as needed in real time.  Storm's favorite parts of therapy are yoga, carrots, and good grooming sessions.



Patches (a.k.a. Peaches, Peach, Peaches & Cream...) is a fuzzy, medium-sized horse. Patches has a smooth walk, which gives consistent input and increases confidence and trunk control with his riders.  Patches loves to be snuggled and always turns to greet his riders before and after each session.



Now retired, Rosie is one of the original founding horses.  She is sweet beyond measure and has helped shaped what HorsePlay horses should be.  Rosie currently enjoys a life of luxury with fresh grass and grain, next to a beautiful pond along with our current therapy horses.



Dixie was one of our biggest horses to date. At over 16 hands, she was an excellent riding choice for some of our older kids. Dixie has since left HorsePlay for more adventures to match her spunky spirit!  We appreciate all of Dixie's hard work





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Sponsor Me Today!

Sponsor Me Today!

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